Weekend Adventures!!

Bonjour!! Wowwie wow wow, it’s been a while! I’ve been very busy working on my first blog post as a featured blogger for ISA, which I will post on the Facebook as soon as it is published. But for now I wanted to update ya’ll on my weekend in Paris and Brussels!

This past weekend I took a bus to Paris with four friends on Friday. We spent all day exploring Paris on Saturday, and then super early on Sunday three of us took a four hour bus ride to Brussels and spent the day there before returning to Lille Sunday night! My favorite thing in Paris was definitely the food. I was able to find so many Morgan friendly options which was super great because it has been a struggle to find meatless, cheeseless food in Lille. I think my favorite thing about Brussels was that it was  full of surprises! I didn’t know much about Brussels before this weekend, but in one day I fell in love with it! Here is a picture of some of the food I ate this weekend featuring crepes from Lille:


I was able to get a vegetarian pizza SANS FROMAGE in Paris as well as a tofu salad!! At the restaurant where I got the salad we were also given a free bottle of wine because the waiter was worried our food was taking too long. AND there was a difficult math problem on a chalkboard in the bathroom that if you solved you got a free dessert! We tried, but unfortunately failed. The burger was a delicious veggie burger from Brussels SANS FROMAGE!!! And again the crepes are from a magical creperie in Lille!

In Paris I was able to see everything that the French major in me hoped to see and more! We stayed in a hotel right down the street from the Arc de Triomphe, we gazed at the Eiffel Tower (and of course took millions of pictures with it), we even went to the Musee d’Orsay and the Musee de l’orangerie! And of course we bought some macarons!

Here are some highlights in pictures from my Parisian adventures:


I touched the butt! Jk it was a pyramid outside the Louvre…
With my favorite tower…
Me with some very famous water lilies!

As amazing as Paris was, I honestly wish I had more time in Brussels! After searching for a very long time we accidentally stumbled upon the Grand Place where a flutist was playing songs from Harry Potter and Les Mis. There was little market set up with handmade crafts, jewelry and PERFUME!! Yes, I got perfume in Brussels and not Paris quel choc! But the perfumer was very nice and helpful, and apparently all of his perfumes were made from natural materials! He asked me what perfume I usually wear and I told him Flower Bomb and he quickly mixed some of his perfumes together to create a scent that is almost exactly the same as my favorite perfume! Of course I had to buy a bottle! We were also blessed with the opportunity to eat some belgian waffles and see the weird peeing baby fountain that I had no idea was famous in Brussels…

And now for some Brussels pics:

Don’t mind the “4 hour bus ride and no sleep” look, but here’s me drinking some beer in Brussels.
The assortment of waffles available. I got strawberries, Nutella and whipped cream!
And of course there’s this…

Well now you know about my weekend! Hopefully my ISA post will be published soon so you can learn about ordering food in France! But until then I will keep trying to post on this blog! Until the next time I do something interesting!





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