Bienvenue à Lille!

At around noon on May 29th I embarked on a long exciting journey to France. My parents drove me almost four hours to JFK and after some teary-eyed goodbyes I entered security, which surprisingly was not as big of a struggle as I had anticipated. I then made my way to gate 16 and after about half an hour of sitting there wondering where everyone was I finally heard the announcement that my flight had been moved to gate 6 on the opposite side of the hall. Not to worry though, I made it. And although I could barely breathe due to bad allergies and being super anxious about flying over water, to a foreign country BY MYSELF I did not have to sit directly next to anyone. Plus I watched Frozen in French so I’d say flight one was a success.

Once I reached London I had to take a very sweaty shuttle ride to a different terminal. Once there I actually struggled through security. None of the signs said that I had to take my computer out my bag so stupid me was like, “okay then I won’t!” So of course my bag had to be searched. And of course I got stuck behind a women who could not speak English and had a bunch of weird Asian beauty products in her bag that totally sketched out the grumpy security guard. I was stuck there for at least an hour. But finally I was through and I was able to meet up with my new friend Max which was super nice because the London Heathrow airport is the most confusing thing I’ve ever seen. After wandering the lower level for what seemed like forever we finally asked someone at the fancy people club desk and he was able to point us in the right direction and we boarded flight two. Flight two was short and sweet and again I did not have to sit directly next to anyone!!

Finally, after hours of traveling and flying I had arrived in Brussels. Now I just had to board a little shuttle and go to Lille!!! It has been raining since we started our descent into Brussels so I haven’t really been able to tell what Lille looks like yet. However, the apartments I am staying in are pretty cool. I share a flat with one other girl (who was super late because she missed her flight!) and we each have our own room. There’s a small gym, a laundromat and a lounge with free wifi in the building too! And right around the corner is France’s version of Walmart that is attached to a mall. I stopped there to get some groceries and lots of detergents. I did not get any bread though and I’m sad about it so I will definitely be back . . .plus, like, c’mon guys it’s a mall I can’t not go back.

Tomorrow I have orientation super early and I’ve probably been up for over twenty-four hours at this point, so I think it’s time for me to go to bed. À demain, mes amis!


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